The US votes to have a dedicated travel secretary.
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The US House of Representatives has voted 325-93 to establish an assistant secretary of travel and tourism in the Department of Commerce. 

Currently, the US is the only country in the G20 that does not have a federal agency or cabinet official dedicated to tourism. Should the vote go through in the Senate, the legislation would require the Commerce Department to set an annual goal for the number of international visitors. 

The news comes just as new studies show that many international travelers have been avoiding the US due to gun violence, mass murders, and other violence that is rampant in the states. A recent survey also found that Chinese tourists are avoiding the US due to concerns about Covid and the increase of anti-Asian hate crimes in the US. 

Though the US is vast, it seems that violence is what it’s most known for around the world. Perhaps having a high-ranking official dedicated to bridging the gap between the travel sector and governmental policies might be just the thing the US needs to bring in more tourists.

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