Soon you won't be able to book flights through Google.
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Book on Google Flights will be no more. When travelers find trips on Google Flights, they will no longer see the ‘Book on Google’ option. 

The tech giant is sunsetting the feature for users outside of the US at the end of September and it will likely be gone in the US sometime after March 31st. 

Don’t worry though, this does not mean that Google Flights is going away. Users will still be able to search for cheap flights across the web, but they’ll no longer have the option to book flights through Google. 

The company doesn’t seem to be worried about users being upset with the change, as low usage of the feature is what’s prompting its end in the first place. Google found that many travelers now prefer to book their flights either directly with airlines or online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia or Booking. The end of the flight booking feature was the next logical step after Google killed its Book on Google feature for hotels earlier this year.

This change seems to dispel the idea that Google was working towards becoming an online travel agency. It looks like they have no interest in competing with travel giants or mitigating travel issues like cancellations, delays, or stranded fliers, but simply in helping travelers find the best deals across the web.

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