Major lay-offs might be coming soon.
Google building with sky in background

With mass layoffs in tech already happening across the nation, it wouldn’t be a shock for Google to follow suit. Speaking at Code Conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai shared that he’s looking to make the company 20% more efficient to churn out faster results. 

Pichai acknowledged that the company has become, “slower” after growing in size and stated on stage, “We want to make sure as a company when you have fewer resources than before, you are prioritizing all the right things to be working on and your employees are really productive that they can actually have impact on the things they’re working on so that’s what we are spending our time on”.

He added that “Across everything we do, we can be slower to make decisions. You look at it end-to-end and figure out how to make the company 20% more productive.”

To visualize what this looks like, Pichai gave examples of positioning YouTube Music and Google Play Music into one product and cutting decision-making teams of 3 down to possibly 1 or 2.

While nothing set in stone, Pichai’s comments are sure to have employees on edge as other major tech companies like Snapchat have already gone through massive layoffs of their own.

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