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In the wake of a year filled with flight cancellations and delays, Germany is trying out a “pay as you fly” (PAYF) approach as a solution.

The PAYF model would let travelers book a flight and not be charged for the payment until they go through check-in. The system would help travelers avoid the often tedious process of getting a refund on canceled flights. Now, if a flight is canceled, they simply wouldn’t be charged. 

While there is no word yet on when an official rollout will take place, Lufthansa has been piloting the program for its corporate customers since March of 2021. 

The PAYF model is not the only creative solution airlines have thought up lately. Sounds Air in New Zealand and Alaska Airlines have both been piloting subscription-based flying services that offer customers unlimited flying in a given period. 

Though it’s uncertain that these models will become an industry standard, it would be a welcome change for travelers by giving them increased flexibility and better customer service.

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