The dogs were rescued from a breeding facility that sold them to labs.
a beagle with its tongue out

Four thousand dogs are in need of a new home after being rescued from a Virginian breeder who was selling them to testing laboratories.

The dogs, all beagles, are in the process of being transferred to shelters throughout the country to be adopted after the facility’s parent company agreed to close it as part of a settlement. The US Department of Justice had previously sued the company for Animal Welfare Act violations before the settlement was negotiated.

Dogs in the facility were found to be treated inhumanely, with many killed instead of receiving basic treatment, while others died of cold exposure. Mother dogs were found malnourished and those being fed had maggots and feces found in their food.

If you or someone you know is interested in giving one of the dogs a loving home, you can find a list of the shelters receiving them here.

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