America is getting too hot.
Dessert landscape america

An “extreme heat belt” could form in the United States in the coming decades, subjecting as many as 100 million Americans to brutally high temperatures.

The belt, which is hypothesized to form down a massive portion of the center of the country between Texas and the Great Lakes, could face temperatures as high as 125 degrees by the year 2053. Temperatures like this are usually only seen in places like Death Valley, the hottest place in the world.

The projections, formulated by the First Street Foundation, suggest that the country as a whole can expect a surge in dangerously hot days, regardless of location. It also offers region-specific information on how high heat could impact life, from droughts to wildfires. The data predicts cities like Miami could see upwards of 18 days a year fat dangerously hot levels.

Currently, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Florida are forecasted to be the most affected states, but the entire country and world will likely feel the effects of climate change

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