Digital nomad villages are popping up all around the world .
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Less time spent commuting and more time spent traveling are both widely-reported results of the new remote work status quo. Now, groups of remote workers have taken these concepts to the next level by creating digital nomad villages in idyllic locations around the world.

Brazil is just the latest country to announce its plans for a dedicated digital nomad community in one of its beachside villages. While plenty of people take part in the digital nomad lifestyle, these so-called nomad villages bring remote workers from all around the world to one centralized place. 

The village is being funded by Lisbon-based start-up NomadX and will include amenities like apartments, swimming pools, common areas, dedicated workspaces, and exclusive events. 

Brazil’s village echoes the efforts of Croatia’s Digital Nomad Valley in Zadar, Portugal’s Madeira island, and Italy’s rural village of Tursi.

The irony is not lost on us that the uptick in people wanting officeless jobs is bringing people together in person in faraway lands. It seems the trend will only continue as more countries seek to boost their economy by attracting higher-paid remote workers.

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