Expedia has predicted the coming travel habits for 2023, with some surprising ideas
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Online travel agency Expedia has published the results of their 2023 travel trends survey and has noted some pretty interesting shifts in our holiday habits.

The pandemic changed everything, and our desire to travel has been transformed by the world’s shift to remote work, a newfound appreciation for social interaction, and a longing for spontaneity not seen before. Here’s what the survey found:

We want city breaks

After two years of getting reacquainted with the outdoors, it seems that we’re aching for some urban exploration, especially if it’s tied to a major festival. Destinations like Edinburgh, which hosts its massive arts festival in August, and Sydney, home of the World Pride festival, are top of travelers’ lists, highlighting a desire to not only visit new places but experience them with other people again.

We’re learning to cut costs

More and more of us are opting for short-term rentals or cheaper accommodations that all feature kitchens, allowing us to cut some costs on the food front. The cost of living crisis is only worsening, but unbelievably, it’s done little to quell our thirst for travel.

We’re embracing spontaneity

Expedia is predicting a heavy surge in mid-range hotels and accommodation, not only because of rising living costs but because people are becoming more spontaneous. Last-minute breaks are expected to become a major trend, so the five-star hotels we might crave just aren’t going to be in the cards.

TV filming spots, niche wellness, and hidden gems

On top of all the above, we’re also heading for destinations based on our content consumption – think Scotland after watching Outlander or Croatia after Game of Thrones. Lesser known destinations are gaining prominence, too, as well as niche adventure wellness experiences like forest bathing and fruit harvesting.

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