Could it be? Is China opening?
jiaxiu building china

The Chinese government has drafted new rules that could allow tourists to enter the country again after over two years of the strictest lockdowns on the planet.

While details remain vague, the suggested rules are characteristically cautious and would only allow visitors to enter via strategic points and visit designated border attractions and cities. It’s likely the setup will be similar to Japan’s approach, where travelers can only enter as part of an organized tour group. There is no information on which nationalities would be allowed to enter.

Restrained as it may be, the news is still surprising. While the rest of the world has moved on from the pandemic, China has continued to implement its Covid-zero plan. Major cities like Shanghai have found themselves under extreme lockdowns as recently as September.

Hong Kong has already announced its intention to drop its hotel quarantine rules by November. While it is technically open to travelers, they must currently stay for three days in a hotel before being able to enjoy a trip.

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