Another two million airplane seats bite the dust.
British airways plane on runway

British Airways has announced another round of flight cuts, this time canceling as many as ten thousand flights over the winter. Combined, the flights will affect about two million seats between late October and March.

The airline has struggled to cope with the sudden surge in post-pandemic travel as it navigates heavy staff shortages in virtually every sector. The airline had already cut 30 thousand over the summer and most recently halted ticket sales for all short-haul flights for the first two weeks of August.

It’s also dealing with Heathrow Airport’s controversial flight cap. The carrier is based in Heathrow’s terminal five and naturally saw the most significant impact of the daily passenger limits. The cap is set to continue until the end of October, further stalling BA’s plans to ramp its operational capacity.

Visitors to the UK should anticipate some travel issues on arrival. Even if the airport process is smooth, the country is currently being wracked by train and bus strikes, making moving around the islands unpredictable at best.

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