Apple Watch Ultra allows divers to take it deep sea.

This past September, Apple launched the Apple Watch Ultra, a waterproof watch built for endurance, exploration, and adventure.

Reaching new depths with the launch of the Oceanic+ app, the watch becomes an easy-to-use dive computer, allowing divers to take their watch deeper than ever before — up to 40 meters, or 130 feet, by using the new depth gauge and water temperature sensors.

Apple partnered with Huish Outdoors on the $10/month Oceanic+ app that features:

  • A main screen showing a diver’s current depth, no-decompression time, water temperature, and more.

  • Graphs showing maximum depth, temperature ascent rate, and no-decompression limit.

  • An action button allowing divers to set a compass heading during a dive.

  • An after-dive review showing data that includes water entry and exit locations.

With Oceanic+ on Apple Watch Ultra, haptic feedback is one of the most intuitive features. The watch taps users on the wrist using a series of vibrations, allowing divers to feel notifications even under 7mm thick wetsuits.

Along with the Ultra and Oceanic+ app, Apple also made an elastomer watch band specifically for water sports called the Ocean Band that is comfortable and secure enough to fit over wetsuits or gloves.

Intrigued? Check out the Oceanic+ app in action underwater.

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