Exploring Italy will be more expensive this year.

If you were planning on a Roman holiday in 2023, be ready for increased prices. Italy’s culture minister, Gennaro Sangiuliano, has proposed increased entry fees to some of Italy’s most famous sites. 

The proposal comes just after Florence bumped up its peak season ticket prices to its revered Uffizi museum, bringing the entrance fee up from about $21.70 to $27.10. The museum justified the price hike and claimed it was necessary to offset rising energy and construction costs. 

Sangiuliano told the press that he considers the price increase to be fair and in line with European standards. He also shrugged off any push back because Americans ‘can afford it.’ 

“After all, the average American family that comes to Italy spends 10 to 20 thousand dollars because of the cost of flights and hotels.”

Another famous site that might start charging admission is the Pantheon in Rome. Though the idea to charge €2 to enter was already rejected in 2018, it seems more likely under Sangiuliano.

Naturally, American tourists aren’t the only ones that’ll be affected by price hikes, as many Italian citizens are upset about the changes. One even called out the minister on Twitter saying, “Italian public museums exist for us, not for foreign tourists, Minister.”

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