American Airlines bets big on supersonic speed.
Supersonic jet overture boom in the sky

American Airlines has purchased 20 supersonic Overture aircraft from Boom Supersonic. 

While United Airlines was the first to strike a deal with Boom, American’s deal would make them the biggest carrier of supersonic jets. The purchase, which was made for an undisclosed amount, also gives them the option to buy another 40 jets down the line. 

The planes would fly up to 80 passengers as fast as 1,304 mph. It’s estimated that the jets will cut flight times up to 50% for over 600 routes. For example, a flight from Seattle to Tokyo, which typically takes about 10 hours, would only take six hours on an Overture jet.

To mitigate concerns from environmentalists about the high fuel burn rate, Boom is designing the fleet to use 100% sustainable aviation fuel or a blend.

Though you may be eager to travel at supersonic speeds, don’t get too excited just yet. The first model isn’t set to roll out until 2025 and passengers aren’t expected to be aboard the jets until 2029.

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