Airbnb takes action against child trafficking.

Sex trafficking and the exploitation of children is a travel industry problem across the globe, and in a necessary move in the fight against these abuses, Airbnb has become a member of the Expanded Law Enforcement Portal’s (ECPAT)  ‘The Code’ to protect children and combat exploitation. 

Airbnb is the first home-sharing platform to sign ECPAT’s The Code, which reflects its commitment to implementing and continuing to support its six governing criteria for preventing children from being sexually exploited and trafficked.

Airbnb’s anti-trafficking initiatives include:

  • Providing information for Hosts and travelers on how to spot and report concerning behavior, created with ECPAT-USA, Polaris, and other experts.

  • Development of training for Airbnb employees on preventing sexual exploitation and reporting suspected cases.

  • Reaffirming their shared rejection of child sexual exploitation in their Supplier Code of Ethics.

  • Working and engaging with stakeholders through the Trust and Safety Advisory Coalition to combat trafficking.

Though Airbnb reports very few incidents, the platform says that it’s constantly improving products, policies, and training, in addition to working with ECPAT-USA and law enforcement to end trafficking and exploitation in all its forms and get ahead of the problem where they can.

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