'Zombie ice' is raising sea levels.
Greenland ice sheet

A massive, melting ice sheet in Greenland is set to raise global sea levels by almost a foot by the end of the century. 

The so-called ‘zombie ice’ is dead ice that does not get replenished by glaciers but instead just melts off ice sheets. The imbalance between the melting and replenishment of the ice is what makes water levels rise.  

The findings were published in the Journal Nature Climate Change. Scientists highlighted that the melting has largely been caused by human-caused climate change and even if the world stopped emitting planet-warming greenhouse gases immediately, the ice loss is ‘now inevitable.’

The expected 10-inch sea level rise is more than twice what researchers were initially predicting. The change would be particularly detrimental to coastal cities and displace almost 200 million people by the end of the century. 

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