Get paid to move abroad.

If working remotely from Mexico City is a bit too cliche for you at this point, no worries. There are a number of interesting places around the world that will actually pay you to move and even help you settle into your new home. All of which, I myself will be heavily considering in this new year. 

Seven places around the world offering relocation incentives worth considering:

  1. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Through the Tulsa Remote program, you can receive $10,000 to get you going in your new city, along with a desk at 36 Degrees North, a co-working space in central Tulsa, as well as monthly housing stipends of $500.

  2. Albinen, Switzerland: With decreasing populations, this village is paying families who move to Albinen can expect to receive up to 25,000 Swiss francs ($27,000) per adult and up to 10,000 francs ($11,000) per child. In order to qualify, Swiss citizens or permanent residents must buy a house in a commune and make it their primary residence for at least ten years.

  3. Sardinia, Italy: Also facing a depopulation crisis, applicants living in small Sardinian villages under 3000 inhabitants or who move after having purchased property can receive up to (around $16,000) toward housing costs.

  4. Topeka, Kansas: A pilot program, Choose Topeka, offers incentives to relocate to the Kansas state capital, with $15,000 for those who purchase a home in Topeka or $10,000 for renters.

  5. Vermont: A program intended to enhance Vermont’s workforce, the New Remote Worker Grand Program offers assistance to those who meet all criteria (subject to availability) for covering relocation costs. Including equipment rentals, closing costs, lease deposits, and more. 

  6. Santiago, Chile: Aiming to become a global tech hub, Santiago’s Start-Up Chile program offers $40,000 to entrepreneurs who move there and establish businesses. A year-long work visa, co-working space, and a network of business contacts are provided to those selected for the program.

  7. Presicce-Acquarica, Italy: Located in Puglia on the heel of Italy’s boot, the town of Presicce-Acquarica, which has under 10,000 inhabitants, is preparing to launch “Welcome to Presicce-Acquarica”, which will offer people and families who choose to relocate a contribution of up to €30,000 toward the purchase and renovation of a property.

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