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You can book a weekend in Sarah Jessica Parker's real home in the Hamptons
Sarah Jessica Parkers hampton cottage

Sex and the City fans, brace yourself. You can stay in Sarah Jessica Parker’s actual house in the Hamptons for a weekend.

If you want the chance to enjoy a weekend sipping cosmos and lounging by the pool with your own Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte, you need to move fast. The listing opens on booking.comon August 23rd at 12 PM and will only be for a two-night stay on Friday, Aug. 26th through Sunday, Aug. 28th. It’s first come, first served, so you’ll need to be ready and waiting.

The lucky guest will pay only $19.98, a nod to the year SJP became Carrie Bradshaw in the iconic show, and will have free use of the fully stocked bar and a walk-in closet full of designer clothes, as well as organized excursions around SJP’s favorite spots in the Hamptons.

The listing is in conjunction with, similar to the Airbnb listing she opened last year for the apartment used in the tv show.

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