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The owners have never allowed visitors to stay the night until now
hobbiton new zealand

Hobbits of the world, rejoice. For the first time ever, the real Hobbiton set from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies is listed on Airbnb.

While hundreds, if not thousands, of imitation stays have appeared over the years, the original set has remained open purely for day visits. But in celebration of the tenth anniversary of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the owners are allowing three individual two-night stays for up to four people. All for $10 a night.

An Unexpected Party

Those lucky enough to grab one of the three stays will enjoy:

  • Overnight accommodation in your very own hobbit house (not the hole itself)

  • Personal daytime access to a private hobbit hole for afternoon tea and relaxation

  • An evening banquet at the Green Dragon featuring beef and ale stew and whole roast chickens

  • Second breakfasts and elevenses, of course

  • A private, behind-the-scenes tour of the movie set

How to book

As with other Airbnb listings, this isn’t a competition per se. The three dates (March 2-4, March 9-11, and March 16-18, 2023) will go live on the 14th of December. It’s down to you to be the first to grab them.

Be aware travel to New Zealand is not included, so you’ll need to fly to Auckland yourself to get picked up. It’s possible to do this with points to keep it cheap (I can help with that), so don’t give up too quickly!

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