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Dubai turns the luxury up to eleven.
dubai atlantis the royal hotel

Dubai is no stranger to the world of luxury hotels, but its newest addition might just be the most over-the-top property seen yet. Following on from its hugely famous The Palm, Atlantis is opening the doors of its new resort — The Royal.

The sprawling resort, which just sold its super-exclusive penthouse for a staggering $44 million, features 795 guest rooms, 44 private “villas in the clouds,” eight celebrity chef-run restaurants, an all-day 960 seater dining buffet, and an astounding 92 swimming pools.

The stunning 43-storied building cost $1.6 billion to construct and Atlantis has spared no expense to ensure its guests are surrounded at all times by the finest things. One hundred fifty thousand square meters of marble were used, and the entire building is covered in glass, affording anyone in the building mesmerizing views of the Arabian Gulf or the Dubai cityscape.

Rooms are not likely to be cheap. The most expensive suite will set guests back an eye-watering $50 thousand a night, while the lower-end rooms are not currently priced or available for booking. The hotel is expected to open in October.

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