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Airbnb is making an offer you can't refuse.
the mansion from 'The Godfather'

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: A month-long stay at the mansion from The Godfather. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of what is often hailed the greatest movie of all time, Airbnb has listed the iconic Staten Island mansion used in the feature.

There’s good news and bad news for fans of the film franchise. It’s only $50 a night for a thirty-day stay in the stunning house, but, unfortunately, it’s only going to be listed for the month of August. The listing opens at 1 PM EST on July 27th.

As many as five guests can stay in the immaculate home, which features a saltwater pool, a fully stocked bar in the basement, and a functional stone pizza oven in the yard. Inside, the furnishings are exactly as the Don would want — don’t be surprised if you get carried away working from home at the massively oversized writing desk.

The house is someone’s actual home, so you won’t have access to all of the closet and storage space, but the rest of the building is free for you to roam. Just watch out for horse heads.

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