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The most architecturally breathtaking stays across the world
morpheus hotel

My mum always told me I was ‘unique.’ I often wonder if it was a compliment.

The minds behind today’s architectural marvels needn’t ponder the same remarks. Unique, in this case, means unequivocally brilliant.

Leaving no doubt that what’s on the outside counts just as much, these are the most original, mind-bending, physics-defying, over-adjectived stays on the planet. 

Our top picks: Unique Designs

new york gemoetric stay

New York Geometric Forest Home

New York, USA
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Our first stay today is a mesmerizing geometric art piece that just happens to have space inside to live. Hidden in the woods of the Hudson Valley, its curious appearance opens into a playful wooden masterpiece that offers something different from every angle.

The reading window is a standout feature, as highlighted in Architectural Digest, letting the inhabitant feel as close to the surrounding forest as possible. Serene, brilliant, and thought-provoking.


canadian shipping container

Canadian Lakeside Shipping Container Home

Inglis, Canada
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Shipping container homes are all the rage these days, but it’s a challenge making such bland objects look attractive from the outside. Designer David Penner succeeded where others failed and made recycling sexy.

It’s a striking addition to the Canadian lakeside landscape, yet somehow manages not to feel out of place. The towering balcony gazing out over the water is particularly wonderful, perfect for quiet Sunday morning coffee.

morpheus hotel

Morpheus Macau

City of Dreams, Macau
$$$ | Pics →

Located in City of Dreams, Macau, the Morpheus Hotel is a mind-bending structure that’s equally physics-defying inside and out.

While the hotel is packed with luxury amenities like a rooftop sky-pool, high-end spa, Parisian tea rooms, and superfast panoramic elevators, it’s the first sight of its seemingly organic design that will leave the greatest impact — architecture at its breathtaking best.


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