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Welcome to the jungle.
jungle hotel

Welcome to the jungle, albeit a far more luxurious one than Guns n’ Roses sang about.

That’s right. This week’s Room Service is whisking you off to the finest rainforest stays on the planet. From hidden treehouses to full-blown resorts, there’s more nestled among the trees than you think. Get ready to go full Tarzan (or Jane).

Just go easy on the loincloth. It’s still a hotel.

Our top picks: The World’s Coolest Jungle Hideouts

jungle airbnb brazil

Brazilian Jungle Silo

Paratay, Brazil

$ | Pics →

If you’re going to stay in the jungle, you should really stay in the jungle. This astonishingly designed property is a converted arched shed in the Brazilian rainforest. The wide-open spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides make it impossible to forget you’re in the rainforest, while the interior’s minimal but homely furnishings ensure it’s as comfortable as it is dramatic.

Topping a stay here off is the private access to a natural pool with its own little waterfall. Mornings can be spent enjoying a dip while monkeys clamber across the canopy above. Peckish? Grab a banana from one of the surrounding trees, kick back, and enjoy nature at its serene and beautiful best.

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The Datai Langkwai hotel

The Datai Langkwai

Lankawai, Malaysia

$$ | Pics →

Bali has long been associated with some of the most stunning accommodations on the planet, and the Sumberkima Hill Retreat is no exception. Its unique concrete setup allows the greenery of the surrounding Indonesian jungle to engulf the structure, while the marvelous key-shaped pool hangs out from the hill, allowing panoramic views of the whole area.

The Airbnb is part of a resort with multiple villas and, as with many Balinese accommodations, offers unbelievable value for money. A night runs at just $172 – worth it for the views alone. If this one isn’t available when you want it, make sure to check out the other retreat properties.

The site has two restaurants as well as a dive instructor, yoga classes, and other peaceful activities to embrace your getaway fully.

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sola vista airbnb

Costa Rican Treehouses

Punta Banco, Costa Rica

$ | Pics →

Surf, sand, and jungle. These Costa Rican treehouses are ocean in the front and jungle in the back. This Airbnb sits high above the trees so you can enjoy both oceanic and tropical rainforest views. 

With the sounds of crashing waves on one side and chirping birds and howling monkeys on the other, this jungle bungalow is like a live white noise machine. It’s the perfect getaway for those who don’t want to pick between the surf and the trees. 

The owner of this Airbnb has created a perfect indoor-outdoor experience right off the South Pacific Coast, one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. It’s also just minutes away from one of the most famous surf spots in the world, so you’re truly getting the best of both paradises. 

As an added bonus, the owner is also a yoga instructor and provides private classes for guests.

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Soneva kiri thailand villa

Sonevi Kiri

Ko Kut District, Thailand

$$ | Pics →

Don’t bother packing shoes if you decide to stay at the Sonevi Kiri in Thailand. This hotel is the first luxury barefoot resort and they like for their guests to experience total relaxation by literally reconnecting with the earth. 

Self-described as an “eco-luxury” stay, this resort is true to its name with a focus on slow life and sustainability. They are 100% carbon neutral and partner with the local community to ensure that they are environmentally conscious and have a positive social and economic impact. They even have onsite organic gardens that account for most of the fresh produce served in their restaurants. 

But don’t worry, you won’t sacrifice any luxury while staying at this jungle oasis. The amenities are top of the line and include complimentary chocolate rooms and ice cream parlors, a beachside cinema, water slides, open-air bathrooms, an observatory, and a children’s play zone. 

The hotel is also known for hosting some outstanding festivals and events where they bring in experts like Michelin star chefs and sporting legends to run activities for guests. One day you might be attending a complimentary soccer freestyling workshop and then eating a meal by a Dutch Michelin star chef.

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queensland australia treehouse

Romantic Australian Treehouse

Queensland, Australia

$$ | Pics →

If you don’t look closely, you might just miss this treehouse nestled in the trees of the Aussie rainforest. This wooded Airbnb is perfect for couples who want to experience the tropical wonders of Australia with a bit of privacy. 

Just steps from the Airbnb there are more than nine kilometers of walking trails and you might even spot a platypus or two. 

The accommodation overlooks the Wooroonooran National Park, where visitors are sure to catch a glimpse of some wildlife and natural wonders. The area is home to more than 160 species of birds including the endangered Cassowary as well as the smallest kangaroo in the world.

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Francis coppola villa with pool

Francis Ford Coppola’s Favorite Belize Getaway

Blancaneaux, Belize

$ | Pics →

While visiting Belize in the 1980s, film director Francis Ford Coppola was so enamored that he purchased this abandoned lodge as a family retreat. In 1993 he decided to open the space to the public and it’s easy to see why he was immediately enthralled with the area. 

The 20-room mountain lodge is set among the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and 14 protected areas. The area is also near the 13,000-acre Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park. There, among the steep ravines, you’ll find breathtaking waterfalls and rare flora and fauna. 

As for the accommodation itself, even the simplest of rooms is something to marvel at. With gorgeous straw-thatched roofs and garden views all around, you’re sure to find a way to unwind and relax. The natural wooden elements are so wonderfully woven throughout the decor that you’ll feel one with the innate beauty surrounding you. If you really want to splurge, perhaps you opt for one of the villas that features a private plunge pool.

Despite all the luxurious elements of this stay, perhaps the most charming element is the shellphone provided in every room.

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Vietnam airbnb interior

A Vietnamese Forest Hideout

Ha Noi, Vietnam

$ | Pics →

This hillside Airbnb is located in the pine forests of Vietnam’s Hanoi district. Though it looks like a treehouse, this house has spacious rooms and a luxurious bathroom that’s fit for a spa. 

This accommodation even comes with a BBQ grill and a complimentary breakfast. And while they don’t have a TV, we highly doubt you need one when there are so many wonders to explore right outside the doorstep. 

You’ll be able to sit high in the treetops and enjoy the view through their reinforced glass walls. Or opt to lay out and stargaze on the house’s built-in net hammock. 

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