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When it’s been a tough year, a getaway might seem like all you need. But sometimes, it’s not enough just to be somewhere else; you need to be someone else. And that someone shouldn’t ever be someone sensible. It should tap into the oddest, geekiest desire in your heart.

If you’re a Disney adult, we’ve got you. Always fancied hairy hobbit feet? Read on. Been telling people you’re Viking because your ancestry kit said you’re 5% Scandinavian, not a problem.

These are the finest, weirdest, and most wonderful themed stays around the world.

Our top picks: The World’s Best Themed Stays

Cinderella dress

The Roxbury’s Cinderella Tower Stay

Roxbury, NY

$ | Pics →

Even the most Disney averse of us can appreciate the vision of this unbelievable stay. The Roxbury’s selection of Tower Cottages is something to behold from the outside – a street of fairytale-like mansions. 

But inside, they come alive. This Cinderella-themed tower is the pick of the bunch. The highlight is the stunning dress dangling above the bed, while the pumpkin carriage ensuite is far more spectacular than you’d ever have imagined. If you’re a Disney person, you’re in heaven. If you’re not, you’ll still find yourself humming Bibbity Bobbity Boo.

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Hilton Cancun hotel pool

Underhill Hobbit Hole

New Zealand

$ | Pics →

While most of us may not admit it, we all secretly want big, hairy, hobbit feet. Deny it all you want. While that’ll never be a reality for most of us, we can do the next best thing and live in a stunning hobbit hole in New Zealand.

Just a few miles from the actual set of The Lord of the Rings, Underhill goes all out with their decor, turning what could easily be a novelty gimmick into a genuinely luxurious experience. Spas, open-air bathtubs, and the most idyllic surroundings imaginable fuse to create something special. Some might say it could create…preciousss memories.

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Capitol Reef Resort

Torrey, Utah

$$ | Pics →

There’s a reason we’ve all dressed up as cowboys at one time or another. They’re cool. Even at 30, it’s still cool. If you’re still unsure, Capitol Reef Resort will at least make sure your experience of the Old West is a little comfier than the original pioneers.

The stunning old-time wagons are framed by the rock formations of Utah, and inside is the highest form of glamping imaginable. If you don’t feel like camping, you can just head inside to the luxury hotel across the site, but come on, you’re a cowboy. Get out there.

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