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Here are the best western US accommodation out there.
cali airstreamer

Once the furthest frontier of a radically different world, the Western United States has settled itself pretty nicely. By that, I mean you’re far more likely to walk into a bar and be met with a hipster cocktail than a hip-slinging bandit.

Ridiculously diverse – in environment, population, and lifestyle – it still conjures a sense of adventure in us. Thankfully, we’ve now got an equally diverse range of accommodations to enjoy it, and far fewer Mexican stand-offs.

From the Sierra Nevada to the Pacific Northwest, these are the best in the west.

Our top picks: The Best in the West

cali airstreamer

Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
$$ | Pics →

What’s more California than a converted Airstream perched on a hilltop lookout in the Sierra Nevada Mountains? The trailer itself is great, but frankly, you’re not gonna spend any time inside.

Instead, kick back by the fire pit, throw some grub on the grill and take in the best Cali has to offer. Bliss.

Plus, you don’t get many views like that for $119 a night.

sanctuary camelback
Sanctuary Camelback Mountain
Scottsdale, Arizona
$$$ | Pics →

When the pioneering settlers worked their way across the country, the desert was an unforgiving place. If they could look at the stunning Sanctuary Camelback Mountain oasis, they might say it was worth it in the long run.

A heavenly retreat in the middle of the Arizona desert, Camelback is designed impeccably, serene in every way, and equipped with everything required to make a stay as luxurious as possible.

washington forest lodge

Fort Ebey Treehouse

Fort Ebey, Washington
$$$ | Pics →

The forests of the Pacific Northwest are special. Staying there should make you feel a part of it, and few places create that feeling better than this divine treehouse.

Nestled among the trees, this property is built for one purpose – escape. Use it as a couples’ getaway or for some alone time. Either way, you’ll come out much more in tune with the world

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