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This hotel is gifting you filthy animals the perfect stay
home alone experience

It’s December, and depending on who holds power in the relationship, the TV is left perpetually on the Hallmark channel or rotates between a selection of actually enjoyable holiday moviesthat involve gratuitous violence – like Die Hard and Home Alone (come at me).

If you’re a fan of the latter (and who isn’t?), it might be worth taking a trip to the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois, where the Graduate Hotel has created a Home Alone-themed room decorated just like the McCallisters’ master bedroom. For those that don’t know, Evanston was a filming location for two of the films.

What’s in the package?

The aptly named King McCallister Experience sees the room decked out to replicate the master suite in Kevin McCallister’s house, featuring:

  • A large cheese pizza delivered in a Little Nero’s Box

  • A four-poster bed

  • A minibar and fridge stocked with Kev’s favorite snacks from the film

  • A classic TV running Angels with Dirty Souls

  • VHS of the Home Alone movies and the Grinch

  • An entire room filled with trinkets and details from the film, down to Paris flight tickets on the table and Brut Classic in the sink

You can’t beat a little escapism over the holidays. But you better book soon, ya filthy animal. Spots are disappearing fast.

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