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More hotel data breaches could spill your data.
Carlton international hotel

Hotel giant IHG is facing major tech issues after it became the latest accommodation provider to be hit by hacking.

The group has stated online that its booking platforms are facing significant problems, with many travelers unable to purchase rooms or retrieve their booking information. IHG is advising customers to call hotels directly to help circumvent any server problems caused by the data breach.

IHG has popular names like Intercontinental, Kimpton, Holiday Inn, and Staybridge Suites under its umbrella, so the data breach is affecting customers of every kind.

It’s not the first hotel group to suffer such problems. Earlier this summer, Marriott revealed that a massive breach made the information of over five million customers accessible, while a previous breach had already exposed millions of others. MGM, The Ritz London, and Choice Hotels have all suffered similar fates.

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