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Hilton’s new brand gears up for launch.
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Hilton is gearing up to unveil the first hotel of its newest brand, Tempo by Hilton, in NYC. While news of the brand first broke in 2020, the first location is set to open in 2023 in the brand new TSX building in Times Square.

The brand itself, Hilton’s 18th, is being plugged as a lifestyle centered hotel, built to be equipped with everything the modern high-demand traveler needs. While the description sounds vague, the rooms and hotel are expected to boast an array of smartly designed features.

Rooms feature heavy emphasis on the “Get Ready Zone,” a flexible area of the room designed for work, dressing, and other preparational tasks, while the hotel gym looks like one of the best we’ve seen in a while. Some special wellness rooms even come with a Peloton bike.

There are twenty more Tempos in the works, but the Times Square location will have floor to ceiling windows and Times Square views in all of its 661 rooms, spread over 36 floors. The TSX building where it’s situated is also set to be a major media center, hosting its own stage and spaces available for artists to implement immersive experiences. They even spent millions lifting a historic theatre 30 feet above the square.

While we won’t get to see the finished product for a few more months, the hype surrounding Hilton’s latest hotel seems like it may just be well deserved.

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