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The hotel giant is converting over 100 hotels this year
hilton spark

Hilton started 2023 in a big way by unveiling its 19th and newest brand, Spark. The new line of hotels is designed to fill a budget-stay-sized hole in its portfolio, similar to Marriott’s recent acquisition of City Express.

According to the hotel giant, guests can expect rooms to run from around $80 to $100 a night, depending on the location and date, and will be stripped-back, comfortable rooms that cater to the modern tourist traveling on a budget.

Some comparisons have already been drawn to the company’s Tru brand, which can also fall into the budget category – although the range is slightly more expensive. The main difference between the two is physical – Tru are custom-built hotels, while Spark properties are conversion projects. Tru also emphasizes smartly designed rooms and a better breakfast experience.

There are currently a hundred active conversion projects across the country, with the first Sparks set to open later in the year.

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