Apps are working with hotels to let guests use spare rooms for a few hours a day at reduced costs
hotel room

In years gone by, and probably still in some seedy motels, the concept of a pay-per-hour room rate was considered a sleazy business venture, designed to capitalize on the more illicit interests of mankind.

But day rates and hourly rentals are roaring back with aplomb – just not for the reason you’d imagine.

Hotels capitalize on their empty spaces

Hotels often have empty space, frequently pounced upon by hotel booking apps like and other sites to offer customers reduced rates. But as travelers become more location-dependent, hotels have started letting out their spaces on a daily and even hourly basis.

Apps like HotelsByDay now offer users access to these spaces for significantly cheaper costs, allowing travelers the ability to find a quiet space for any reason.

Why, though?

There are a bunch of reasons why these apps are useful tools. Ever touched down in a city for a long layover, exhausted from your travels and not feeling like exploring until check-in that night? Now there’s a bed, a TV, and maybe even a spa for you to kick back till it’s time to go.

Remote workers flock to co-working spaces, but not every city prioritizes them yet. Checking out a hotel room for an afternoon of deep work can be far more productive, especially if meetings are on the cards.

It’s not just hotel rooms

Rooms are the principal product here, but hotels also offer access to their facilities at reduced rates too. Here are just some of the facilities that can be rented out:

  • Day rooms for work

  • Day rooms for relaxation

  • Spa passes

  • Gym access

  • Pool passes

  • Parking passes

While I haven’t had the chance to try it out myself, the parking pass could be a clutch travel hack if driving in a busy city.

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