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Airbnb corrects some big mistakes.
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Airbnb publicly apologized this week after a viral TikTok video highlighted a listing advertised as a former “slave cabin.”

The video’s creator, Wynton Yates, points out that the listing made no attempt to hide the fact that the property was once slave quarters, and there was no evidence a stay would have any experiential benefit, as the room was refurbished to be as comfortable as possible. He also notes that many reviews speak highly of staying in such a “historical” setting.

The cabin is a featured room in a larger property named Belmont Plantation, which recently changed hands. The new owner claims the slavery references were utilized by his predecessor, and he strongly opposed the term’s usage.

The short-term rental company removed the listing along with a number of other properties with similar advertisements, stating, “Properties that formerly housed the enslaved have no place on Airbnb.” Many online compared staying in slave quarters with a stay at Auschwitz.

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