15 beauty and skincare items I never travel without

I swear by these beauty, skincare, and wellness products to keep me feeling and looking my best on the go.
travel products dispersed on page, including pink sleep mask, perfume bottle, and bottle of oil

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When you travel often, you become increasingly savvy as to what you need to make the journey comfortable and enjoyable. For me, what’s in my personal bag is as strategically planned out as my on-the-ground dining experience (I make an effort to book a reservation at every hot spot in town).

Since I tend to hit the ground running, I like to feel and look as refreshed as possible. That’s why I’ve curated a heavy arsenal of skincare, beauty, and wellness products I swear by while traveling. 

From skin resurrection serums and balms to glowy makeup musts, energy boosters to immunity  aids, consider this your checklist for all the items you need in your bag. 


Reusable eye masks

jar of individual gold eye masks

If there’s one area that can make or break your fresh-faced appearance, it’s the eyes. Sure, I’m tired, but nobody needs to know! These eye masks are infused with collagen, 24k gold, and hyaluronic acid to quickly penetrate the delicate skin beneath your eyes. I slip these babies on soon before landing to flatten wrinkles and fine lines, and eliminate dark circles and puffiness. 

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Resurrection hand balm

pink hand balm bottle

This hand balm is the bomb (yes, I said it). Aesop is my go-to brand for high-quality skincare products. My hands quickly dry out from all the washing and sanitizing, so I particularly love the yummy blend of fragrant botanicals in this luxurious lotion that delivers ultra-rich hydration.

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Rescue facial spray

two facial spray bottles, one pink and one green

I can literally feel this spray quenching my skin’s thirst upon contact. The cool mist offers a quick pick-me-up comparable to splashing your face with water, while the blend of nutrient-rich botanical extracts soothes puffiness and redness. 

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Multi-purpose oil

jar of oil for beauty and skincare

Ok, so apparently I like to stay moisturized. But if there’s only one type of indulgent skin therapy you can have in your bag, let this be the one. It doubles down as a hair oil for dry, split ends and static, a makeup remover, a sunburn reliever, a hand and body lotion, and more. 

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3-in-1 facial wipes

three pink packages of facial cleansing wipes

I’ve been using these forever, and swear by them. The pack of three, 30-count wipes for $15 by Burt’s Bees is a steal, IMO. They use repurposed cotton for a more sustainable approach, and work trifold to cleanse, remove makeup, and hydrate the skin.

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Plumping lip gloss

clear lip gloss

I love a good lip illusion, especially when I need a boost of confidence post-travel. This plumping lip gloss nourishes dry lips while using hyaluronic acid to volumize my pout. Every time I wear this gloss, I get compliments, so you can bet I’ve been clicking the reorder button every time it gets dangerously close to running out. 

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Highlighter and contour duo

highlighter and bronzer makeup stick

When I need a quick way to look fresh on a travel day, this highlighter and contour duo is my go-to makeup remedy. The creamy consistency creates a dewy glow that just screams hydration and a good night’s sleep. 

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BB cream

bottle of foundation next to its packaging

Another way to “glow up” if you will is Coola’s Rosilliance BB Cream. It’s a tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation all in one. I love how lightweight it feels on my skin, while providing me with a nourished, bright, and even complexion. 

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Silk sleep mask

pink silk sleep mask

I don’t know how I ever slept while traveling before using a sleep mask. It shuts out the world, letting people know my “do not disturb” sign is on. But even more than that, it blocks out pesky light. Paired with noise-canceling headphones, I can pretty much sleep anywhere now. I particularly like the full coverage size of this one, and the silk makes it extra cozy and fancy. 

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Hydration packs

package of hydration packs with one of the packets on the outside

I was introduced to these miracle packs last year, and I’m now a repeat customer. This is one of the simplest, surefire ways to stay on top of your hydration—especially when traveling. The patented formula delivers three times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks on the market, while having half the amount of sugar. I also haven’t found another brand that tastes as good and clean as DripDrop.

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Skincare wand with red light therapy

skincare wand with red light therapy

When I have time to kill on a plane or in the car, or even when in the hotel room watching TV, I whip out this magic wand. This four-in-one device combines microcurrent, red light therapy, face massage, and therapeutic warmth for the ultimate anti-aging regimen. 

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Airbrush perfecting powder

compact powder container opened

I will never get another powder so long as this stuff stays on the market. It’s the airbrush tool on your favorite app come to life. I love that it’s extremely lightweight and, unlike other powders, doesn’t sink into wrinkles and fine lines—subsequently accentuating them. Not only does it blur your skin into perfection, but it features a blend of hydrating and anti-aging ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and peptides.

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Perfume oil 

bottle of perfume

I apply Maison Louis Marie’s roll-on perfumes like they’re healing essential oils. I love the spicy, earthy, natural scent of the No.04 Bois de Balincourt. It’s feminine but daring. And when I want to roll some on in the airport, on the plane, in a rideshare, etc., I don’t have to worry about spraying everyone around me. Plus, at just 0.5 ounces, it fits perfectly in my personal bag. 

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Organic energy booster

bottle of energy supplements

Sometimes the coffee on the plane just won’t do it, so I reach for this organic energy supplement. A fusion of adaptogens including maca and matcha provides an all-natural source of energy without the crash.

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Immunity supplements

purple bottle of vitamins

It’s so easy to take your immunity for granted—until you suddenly get sick during your travels. I keep these in my bag year-round. The capsules combine five high-quality, immune-supporting ingredients to promote immune function and give an extra immune boost when you need it.

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This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. The relationship may impact how an offer is being presented. Our site doesn’t include all the offers available. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.

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