The Best Hotels to See the 2024 Total Eclipse

Use the eclipse as an excuse to check out these underrated destinations
eclipse viewing

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It may feel like there’s an eclipse every other week. It may also feel like every time there’s an eclipse, the news tells us it’s a hyper-rare event.

Turns out they’re both true!

The last total eclipse visible from the US was back in 2017. But there’s a total eclipse somewhere in the world every 18 months or so. Conundrum solved.

Back to work.

The next total eclipse visible from the US is April 8th, where its path will rip a huge diagonal line across the US from Texas to Maine. It’s the perfect excuse for a quick getaway in the name of astronomic curiosity. To help, we’ve found the best hotels near the 2024 eclipse path of totality.  

Hall Arts Hotel

hall arts hotel
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Dallas, Texas 
Price: $283+
Vibe: Rooftop viewing deck
The rundown: One of the first stops on the eclipse’s path is Dallas, Texas, and Hall Arts Hotel makes for a perfect viewing space. With a sublime city center location, you’re never far from the action. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, amenities are on point, and they’ll even put you through the torture of a wine-tasting reception.

For viewing the eclipse, you’ll want to head up to the roof, where you can take a dip in the pool. You can’t get more unique than that; floating around, cocktail in hand as the world turns dark around you. This is one of the best hotels near the 2024 eclipse path of totality.  

The Empress of Little Rock

the empress of little rock
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Price: $185+
Vibe: Victorian exuberance
The rundown: Little Rock’s an underrated destination in the US. Use the eclipse as a reason to discover why. Just make sure to stay at The Empress of Little Rock when you do. Set in a stunning Victorian mansion, the B&B is dripping with character.

Cozy to a fault, the atmospheric property boasts secret cardrooms in the turret, original fireplaces, feather beds, outstanding candlelit dining, and, above all, an unforgettable stay. Just remember to pull yourself away from the building when the eclipse starts.

The 1857

the 1857
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Paducah, Kentucky
Price: $125+
Vibe: Simple done well
The rundown: Paducah? What’s a Paducah? Turns out it’s a small town in Kentucky, and slap bang in the middle of the eclipse’s path across the States—making it a no-brainer addition to this list of the best hotels near the 2024 eclipse path of totality.   The town itself is a quirky one, perfect for travelers with an affinity for off-the-trodden path weekend destinations. The town’s highlight is the Quilt Museum—it’s actually got superb reviews.

For your stay, grab a room at the super value 1857 hotel. There’s beauty in a simple hotel concept done well, and this gem fits that spec to a tee. The historic building has been converted well with stylish nods to its past in the form of exposed brick and wooden roof beams, but everything else is tidy and modern. 

Courtyard by Marriott Erie Bayfront

courtyard by marriott erie bayfront
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
Price: $174+
Vibe: Waterfront spectacular 
The rundown: Lake Erie’s another destination that flies under the radar of most travelers. It’s a summer staple for many Pennsylvanians, but it’s yet to grab the same levels of attention elsewhere. Finding itself on the eclipse’s path, you’ve got one more reason to check it out in April.

The Courtyard by Marriott Erie Bayfront is the place to stay. Its lakeside perch offers spectacular views, outstanding fishing opportunities, and a great jumping-off point for exploring the area. While April might still be a little cold, it does have an outdoor infinity pool. You never know…with the weather how it’s been lately, you might have summer temperatures on your hands.

Hilton Niagara Falls

hilton niagara falls
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada
Price: $112+
Vibe: Wondrous double whammy
The rundown: As the eclipse makes its way Northeast, you have an excellent opportunity to enjoy two spectacles at once. Above you, the moon crossing the sun’s path; below you, the world-famous Niagara Falls.

Hilton Niagara Falls is one of the best hotels near the 2024 eclipse path of totality. It also has one of the best views of the mega cascade, thanks to its towering 53 floors. We won’t lie; the area isn’t renowned for being a wonderful place to stay, but the view of both can more than make up for that. With rooms starting at just $112, it’s more than worth a look.

Ivey’s Motor Lodge

houlton maine
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Houlton, Maine
Price: $120+
Vibe: Last chance lodge
The rundown: Maine is the last area of the US you’ll be able to see the eclipse. If you’re making a last-minute dash to catch it, don’t forget to book a room at Ivey’s Motor Lodge, one of the best hotels near the 2024 eclipse path of totality. Houlton’s just on the border with Canada and has been a mainstay for people traveling between the two countries since 1985.

Simple but charming, the little motel boasts an Irish Pub, outdoor recreation areas, and wonderfully attentive service, belying a property of its size and price. 

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