The Best Hotels for Music Fans

From The Beatles' Seattle hangout to an instrument rental library, these hotels rock.
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Music makes the world go round. Where words fail, music speaks. Music can change the world. You know the drill. 

We could use a million cheesy cliches to open this piece because music might be the one thing that’s worthy of them all. Whether you claim to love it or (strangely) loathe it, it’s a constant part of your life.

It’s the soundtrack to your best and worst moments. It conjures memories of loved ones, broken hearts, healed hearts…everything. So why wouldn’t there be a few hotels dedicated to it? Whether you’re a classical crooner, pop princess, or a screamo-supremo, these are the best hotels for music fans.

Busking on a Budget

Hotel Preston

preston hotel
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Price: $99+
Vibe: Budget busker’s dream
The rundown: Nashville is a music lover’s dream destination. It’s impossible not to get swept up in the energy. But with popularity comes higher hotel prices. Thankfully, Hotel Preston is keeping things in check, with rooms sitting at an extremely reasonable $99 a night.

That’s not to say they’re skimping on the comfort. It’s an excellent hotel, situated perfectly for taking in the best of Nashville, and even drops off an acoustic guitar at your room if you’re feeling inspired.

Mid-range Bangers

The Edgewater Hotel

edgewater hotel
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Seattle, Washington
Price: $199+
Vibe: Feel grunge, live luxury
The rundown: As locations go, the Edgewater Hotel has always commanded a prime one in Seattle. Built onto the pier in the middle of the harbor, the hotel boasts stunning city views and is perfectly poised for exploration.

But of course, this is about music, and The Beatles fans will regard this spot with reverence. It’s possible to stay in the suite where John, Paul, Ringo, and George all laid their heads and even took the iconic fishing picture out of the window. Elsewhere in the hotel, you’ll find entire floors dedicated to icons of the immense Seattle music scene.

The Elizabeth Hotel

JW Marriott El Convento
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Price: $188+
Vibe: Laid-back music lovers’ paradise
The rundown: The entirety of an Elizabeth Hotel stay is unique in itself, but for those with a love for music, it’s hard to imagine staying anywhere better. The highlight is the stunning Music Suite, where playful black and whites have been fused into the design to evoke piano keys in the most tasteful way imaginable.

Its amenities set it apart, though. An in-house instrument-lending library is the most unique, allowing guests to take some beautiful guitars, banjos, and other pieces back to their rooms to make their own music or play along with the in-room record player and vinyl collection. 

Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
Price: $290+
Vibe: All-rocking all-inclusive
The rundown: Hard Rock Hotels might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but having a music-themed list without them featuring would be a disservice to the franchise. We’re including the Riviera Maya location, a sprawling all-inclusive property basking in the sun of the Mexican Caribbean.

Of course, you know what to expect. Part hotel and part museum, Hard Rock is a nod to rock n’ roll, and no one can deny they’re a lot of fun. This particular location has an adults-only section if you’re escaping the kids for a while, and with an all-inclusive, everything’s taken care of.

For the Luxury-Loving Music Connoisseur

Aria Hotel

aria hotel
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Price: $500+
Vibe: Symphony-meets-luxury
The rundown: The only thing more stunning than the Aria Hotel is the iconic city it’s located in. Nestled amongst the splendor of Budapest, the music-themed hotel is effectively four different boutique properties in one.

Each of the four sections is inspired by a different broad genre of music:classical, contemporary, opera, and jazz—offering a unique take on multiple stays. Rooms are decorated with brilliant caricatures of genre icons, while the sprawling communal spaces explode with personality. 

Hotel Saint Sicilia

saint cecilia hotel
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Austin, Texas 
Price: $543+
Vibe: Saintly musical luxury
The rundown: A proper music lovers’ hotel. Named after Sicilia, the Patron Saint of Music, the hotel is found in one of the remaining Victorian homes built in a secluded section of the ever-happening Austin, Texas.

The vibe of the 21-room boutique property is nothing short of extraordinary, taking nods from ‘60s and ‘70s soul music. If you need an idea of how inspiring the place can be, just ask Dave Grohl. He and the rest of the Foo Fighters recorded their album “Saint Secilia” there—in case you didn’t notice…they named the album after the hotel.

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