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bathtub at the bulgari fashion designer hotel

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Fashion designer hotels are a fascinating experiment in creativity. How do you take the essence of a renowned brand, like LV or Louboutin, and translate it to a completely different medium without leaning on novelty or gaudiness? 

How the minds of these creatives work is anyone’s guess, but the product is nothing short of spectacular. Each of these fantastic fashion designer hotels evokes everything there is to know and love about their associated brand, retaining the luxury that made them famous and adding a new layer of hospitality on top.

Fashionistas, pack carefully. These are the best fashion designer hotels in the world.

Budget Fashion Designer Hotels

The Karl Lagerfeld

the shrinelike lobby of the karl lagerfeld hotel in maccau
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Macau, China
Price: $208
Vibe: A grand finale
The rundown: One of the most influential designers to live, Karl Lagerfeld was nothing short of enigmatic. Alongside his singlehanded rescue of Chanel, he spoke four languages, designed furniture and homeware, and eventually designed hotels.

In fact, his last project, completed after his death, was The Karl Lagerfeld in Macau. It’s a spectacular vision, completely envisioned by Karl and made a reality with no expense spared. It’s wild; it’s bold; it’s unapologetically Karl. If you visit one of the fashion designer hotels on this list, make it this once. 

Vermelho Melides (Louboutin)

vermelho melides' striking red corridor
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Melides, Portugal
Price: $242+
Vibe: Louboutin-satiable
The rundown: Less an ode to his footwear and more a celebration of the renowned shoe designer’s creative breadth, Vermelho Melides is Christian Louboutin’s first venture into the world of hotels. While the hotel’s name means “red” in Portuguese, the designer’s trademark color is used tastefully and in moderation, laced into the in-room slippers or popping from the property’s soft beige and white exterior walls.

The hotel itself is impeccable. It’s a small, 13-room property in the Portuguese village of Melides. It features an excellent restaurant and bar, a quirky lounge, a heated pool, and outstanding but understated service. Considering the $242 price point, the quaintest of the fashion designer hotels on this list is a bit of a steal, too.

Mid-range Fashion Designer Hotels

Palazzo Versace

the beautiful lobby floor of the palazzo versace in dubai
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Dubai, UAE
Price: $300+
Vibe: Steadfast in style
The rundown: Few places are as self-assured in their coolness as Dubai. Few fashion houses mirror that same sentiment the way Versace does. So, Palazzo Versace is a natural fit for the city’s hotel scene.

Describing itself as a neoclassic masterpiece, nothing was held back in the hotel’s design. The ceilings soar skywards, there isn’t a leaf out of place in the landscaped gardens, and the fashion giant’s Italian opulence is dripping from the decor. Notably, every piece of furniture and fabric on the property was designed and crafted by Versace. 

Armani Hotel

the striking lobby in armani hote dubai in the burj khalifa
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Dubai, UAE
Price: $610+
Vibe: Arman-in Dubai
The rundown: Armani’s cool. There’s no getting around it. Simple, timeless, and minimalistic in the best way, the fashion house transfigured that ethos into its first hotel venture with aplomb. The second of our Dubai-based fashion designer hotels, Armani is located inside the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The bulk of the hotel covers the first eight floors of the tower but has a few sneaky suites up on the 38th for guests willing to pay for the privilege. Attention to detail is unparalleled, with the brand’s logo tastefully inserted into the design of the furniture, including the door handles and table legs. You’ll think you’ve sauntered into Georgio’s house itself.  

High End Fashion Designer Hotels

Round Hill Hotel and Villas

decor designed by ralph lauren at round hill resort montego bay
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Price: $800+
Vibe: Good enough for JFK
The rundown: Montego Bay’s Round Hill Hotel and Villas might be more famous as one of JFK’s favorite getaway spots, but it’s also associated with a major fashion brand. American icon Ralph Lauren not only loves the resort but was the creative mind behind its guestroom design.

While it’s not likely you’ll find the famous polo player logo, you will feel the classic American luxury style. And when you’re not fawning over the decor, you’ll remember you’re in Jamaica and head outside to explore paradise.

Bulgari Hotel Roma

one of the dressing rooms in a suite at the bulgari hotel roma
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Rome, Italy
Price: $1,500+
Vibe: Fit for an emporer
The rundown: Building a hotel mere feet from the final resting place of the founder of the Roman Empire is a bold statement in itself. But Italian fashion powerhouse Bulgari has never operated in the shadows. While the brand is known for its jewelry and leather goods, it now has a significant hotel footprint in some of the biggest markets in the world.

As with its traditional products, the Roma Hotel is striking in both aesthetics and service. In-room tubs emulate ancient Roman baths, a statue of Caesar himself greets guests on arrival, and its rooftop deck offers panoramas of the eternal city. Bulgari’s line of properties goes far beyond other fashion designer hotels—they’re a unique entity in themselves. 

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