US-Mexico apprehensions are the highest they've ever been.
us border wall

The United States set a new record for border encounters this year as two million migrants attempted to enter the country via the Mexican border.

The increase has been attributed to several factors, including a rise in migrants from more distant countries. The turbulent regimes of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua have forced thousands more migrants to the border. Those three countries alone made up a third of all border encounters in August.

The immigration issue is a key battle for the Biden administration, which has to walk the complicated tightrope between controlling illegal crossings and responding to the migrants with humility. Many other states are particularly critical of the President’s policies.

Recent events have highlighted the growing political gap between Republican and Democratic politicians on the subject. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently sent fifty Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard – part of a broader statement to prove that Democratic-controlled “sanctuary cities” are able to show support for immigrants without having to deal with the issue themselves.

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