Miso is leading the way in restaurant automation. Get in now before this fast food revolution goes global.
Miso food robot

Miso Robotics’ technology might be the biggest thing to shake up the fast-food industry since bottomless french fries. From shopping malls to your local burger joint, AI-powered robots are heading behind the counters of your favorite fast-food restaurants. 

That’s because a labor shortage is plaguing the restaurant industry. With the gap increasing by 500,000 new unfilled jobs each month, restaurants are turning to Miso’s tech to help keep their kitchens open while boosting profits. 

But as bad as the labor shortage is in the US, it’s even worse overseas. That’s why Miso’s headed to international kitchens and giving investors the chance to join them.

Miso proves that automation is the name of the game

The global fast food industry suffers from increasing labor shortages (3.7M unfilled roles) and shrinking margins (as low as just 5%). Only the restaurants that embrace automation will survive. The problem is, automation hasn’t been very affordable.

Until now.

Miso Robotics is already miles ahead of the competition. Their AI-powered robots can work 24/7, filling back-of-house positions like operating the fryer and filling drinks. Plus, they can improve efficiency over time thanks to machine learning. 

And, thanks to a Robot as a Service (RaaS) model, Miso’s tech is affordable. Participating restaurants just pay a monthly fee while the robots boost margins up to 3x higher.

That’s why major U.S. brands like Jack in the Box, Buffalo Wild Wings, and White Castle have already adopted Miso’s tech. 

And the proprietary technology has already proven so successful in U.S. chains that it caught the attention of global brands. 

Flippy working alongside employee at White Castle – Photo provided by Miso Robotics
Flippy working alongside employee at White Castle – Photo provided by Miso Robotics

Miso brings its tech to the world

After success in the American fast-food industry, Miso is bringing its proprietary tech and expertise to the international market. As a result, their available marketplace has grown from 1.2 million potential locations in the U.S. to an astonishing 20 million fast-food locations worldwide––a 17x increase.

Not only is the demand for kitchen automation more widespread abroad — it’s also more urgent. Kitchen labor in Europe costs $22 per hour, with 12% unemployment. And before Miso, there weren’t many cost-effective ways to fill the gaps. 

So, next time you’re exploring the different menu items at your favorite fast-food spot overseas, don’t be surprised if you peek behind the counter to see Flippy 2 back there finishing up your order in the blink of an eye.

Invest in Miso Robotics and the future of restaurants today

With 1.2 million quick-service restaurant opportunities in the US and 20M+ international restaurant locations, Miso Robotics is primed to reshape the fast-food industry on a global scale. 

And for a limited time, you can get in on this rapidly growing startup.

Your investment will help restaurants all around the globe cut costs, boost profits, and keep customers happy. Join the community of over 20K shareholders that recognize the enormous potential for Miso to dominate kitchen automation.

Miso Robotics’ funding round ends on 11/18. Purchase your shares today.

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