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American Express has launched a slew of new limited-time offers for its range of Delta Skymiles cards and has done an excellent job at hitting every price point and type of traveler.

The six-card collection comes with a wide range of benefits, even for the most hesitant of Delta customers. The entry-level card, The Amex Delta Skymiles Gold, is offering a solid 65,000 point bonus after spending $2000 in six months; that’s ludicrously easy to do for many people. I actually own this card but decided to grab a different offer.

To put it into context, 65,000 Skymiles could get you:

  • Round trip from JFK (New York) to London

  • Two round trips from JFK to LAX

At the other end of the spectrum, the Delta SkyMiles Reserve card offers a 95,000 intro bonus after spending $6000 in six months. Less likely for the average user, but a more extended time frame than some other premium cards. Its $550 yearly fee means you need to ensure you’re getting as much as you can from it, and it’s definitely geared towards loyal Delta customers. It comes with a range of perks, including companion fares, lounge access, and TSA Precheck application credits.

Here’s what 95,000 Skymiles could get you:

  • Delta One (business class) one-way from JFK to Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Multiple First Class domestic routes

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