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The US Travel Association is kickstarting its annual Daily Getaways program, packed with deals that could save travelers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if used correctly. Officially launching on July 18th, customers will have access to exclusive deals spanning everything from hotel packages to theme park tickets. 

One of the most useful offers available is the selection of points buying programs. Purchasing these credits might seem counterintuitive for those unaccustomed to using miles and points. But a little research proves that even larger purchases up front could save loads down the line.

For example, Hilton offers 250 thousand Honors points for $1250. It seems like a lot. But typically, Hilton members are only able to buy 80,000 a year, and that costs around $800. This deal offers more than three times as much for only $450 more. But is it worth it? 

For context, 250 thousand points could land you three nights in Paris at a hotel usually worth $1800. Almost $600 in savings just like that. And that’s just the first search we ran. Room point values vary drastically depending on the time of year, destination, and brand, so investing in some of the Daily Getaway Deals could be a great way to beat some of those rising costs.

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