These Lightweight Shoes Will Change the Way You Travel

Let Allbirds take you on your next adventure with their array of stylish, comfortable, lightweight shoes for travel.
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The perfect lightweight shoes for travel are hard to find. The shoe has to be both stylish and comfortable. Provide enough support but not be too heavy to pack. Luckily, the perfect balance between style, comfort, and support comes in the form of Allbirds.

From the cobblestone streets of Europe to the woodsy pathways of Pacific Northwest trails, you can rely on Allbirds shoes to keep you moving all day. Simply put: If you’re exploring a new place on foot, you need Allbirds.

The lightweight travel shoes feature breathable eucalyptus fiber that provides next-level comfort, while the cushioned midsole gives you wear-all-day support. Plus, the materials are machine-washable so you can keep your shoes looking fresh and clean, no matter where your feet take you. 

Allbirds go wherever your wanderlust takes you. 

Why travel in Allbirds?

Allbirds lightweight travel shoes are super lightweight and are extra comfy so you can explore all day. No more blisters or tired feet.

Every Allbirds shoe is made from durable, all-natural materials like leather made from plants, eucalyptus tree fiber, and sugarcane. The sustainable materials and innovative designs are of the Super Natural kind, made with the planet and your foot comfort in mind. 

Our favorite Allbirds 

If you’ve never owned a pair of Allbirds, we recommend starting with a shoe from their Tree line—ideal lightweight travel shoes. Travelers everywhere rave about the superior comfort of their Tree shoes, made from (you guessed it) trees. Allbirds can take you from long strolls in the South of France to the forest trails in Jackson Hole. No matter what type of vacation you’re taking, there’s an Allbirds Tree shoe out there for you.

See where these best sellers can take you.

The ones you need: Tree Runners

If you’ve ever seen Allbirds on someone or had a friend gush about them, they were likely talking about the Tree Runners. This classic sneaker is good ole reliable for travelers. 

Its breathable and machine-washable fabric combined with its ultra-lightweight design, make it a no-brainer for an all-day travel shoe. Whether you’re spending all day exploring museums in Florence or happily getting lost in the alluring streets of Tuscany, the Tree Runner is a perfect walking shoe for your next adventure.

All-day comfort means Allbirds can take you farther. If you could only pack one pair of shoes on your vacation, you’d want to put your miles in with the Tree Runners. 

Plus, check out their updated, even lighter version: SuperLight Tree Runners.

For your nice dinners and office meetings: Tree Breezer

If you’ve ever worn flats, you know they can be more uncomfortable than heels. But no more thanks to the Tree Breezer shoes. The silky fabric contours to your feet and the SweetFoam® sole made from sugarcane is lightweight and bouncy. 

Whether you’re running errands, meeting with a client, or going to a nice dinner straight off the plane, the Tree Breezer is comfortable but stylish. You’ll look put together without even trying. 

For an even more elevated look, take a peek at the Tree Breezer Point, which has an almond-shaped toe. The updated and polished silhouette is perfect for digital nomads who go from coworking at cafes to grabbing a mid-afternoon aperitivo with friends. It’s all-day wear that works with your schedule.

The jack of all trades: Tree Loungers

There’s no time to waste when you’re traveling. You have to see all the things and do all the things. I don’t even like to waste time tying my shoes and that’s where the Tree Loungers come in. 

This slip-on shoe has all the comfort of a sneaker but the more polished look of a sporty flat. It’s a no-fuss shoe that goes with pretty much any outfit. You can wear it on a bike ride just as easily as you can to a yoga class or a wine tasting. From the busy streets of Osaka to behind the wheel cruising down the 1, these shoes are the ones I would pack.

For a sleek sneaker: Tree Pipers

Not all sneakers are created equal. That’s why I own a running sneaker, an errand sneaker, and one pair of white sneakers I only wear on special occasions so I can keep them in mint condition. If you’re anything like me, you likely end up favoring one pair that does it all and it becomes your workhorse sneaker. 

The Tree Pipers are the workhorse. The holy grail of stylish travel sneakers. The rounded toe and classic shape give it less of a tactical sneaker feel and more of a polished, clean-cut look. 

The Tree Pipers are lightweight travel shoes that give you next-level comfort but keep you looking professional. You can wear them on a full-day walking tour just as easily as you could for a day at the office. And, they are so light, I swear you’ll forget they are in your carry-on.

For the runner: Tree Dasher 2

If, for some reason that I don’t quite understand, you’re the type of person who likes to explore new places by running, then this is the shoe for you. The Tree Dasher 2 shoe is built with responsive foam, extra grip, and an angular heel to help soften the impact, so you can run the hills in Lisbon or dodge cyclists in Amsterdam.

The knit design around the heel provides your ankles with extra support and keeps you running until you get bored. It’s a practical, everyday running shoe that’s been rigorously tested by 90+ runners and over thousands of miles. 

If you’re more of a long-distance runner, we recommend the Tree Flyers instead. It’s just as light and breezy to run in but has a more responsive underfoot feel so you can run farther and longer. And if you’re a trail runner, take to the woods in Allbirds’ technical trail shoe: The Trail Runner.

For a poolside vacay: Sugar Sliders

Beach days call for plenty of SPF, a cold one, and a comfy sandal. From Palm Springs pool days to peaceful Hawaiian beach jaunts, the Sugar Sliders are the go-to for maximum relaxation and comfort. You can slip them on and off between hopping in and out of the water and they’ll stay secured thanks to the adjustable strap. 

The SweetFoam® sole will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, but it’s Allbirds. And, the sugarcane-based material is easy to dry off so you can take these from the sand shores to a rooftop pool party in no time.

Make your next trip a lot more comfortable with Allbirds and grab a pair today. As a special bonus for Dollar Flight Club Premium members, you can get $11 off your order of $75 or more with code DFC-11 (must use the link to redeem).

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This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. The relationship may impact how an offer is being presented. Our site doesn’t include all the offers available. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.

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