The Best Hotels in Nature You Can Book on Points

Going wild doesn't mean you need to skimp on luxury.
View from a hotel window out onto mountains

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Too often our hard-earned points are thrown away on overpriced mid-scale hotels. I get it: needs must, and it often seems like a good idea to drop 60,000 points instead of $120 for a funny-smelling Hampton Inn.

But what if I told you there are properties worth over $2,000 a night you could redeem for the same amount of points? I’m talking hotels nestled amongst the most epic natural landscapes on the planet? Instead of a lukewarm sausage from the low-effort buffet, you’re being served fresh-roasted coffee amongst the redwoods of Big Sur or watching antelope in the Maasai Mara. 

No more shall we opt for the low-value property, wasting away on the outskirts of your destination, probably with a view of an interstate exit. No, you’re a points aficionado, and you only drop yours on the best.

These are the best hotels in nature you can book on points. Get out there. Go wild.

The best Hilton hotels in nature you can book on points


Autocamp Zion near Zion national park
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Multiple locations in and around US National Parks
Price: TBD
Vibe: Epic backdrop Airstreams
The rundownAutocamp is Hilton’s most recent brand adoptee, and while details are still scarce, you should be excited about this partnership. The Airstream specialists have been strategically opening their basecamps within throwing distance of some of the country’s greatest national parks. In fact, we just got back from our company retreat at the Zion location.

We’re hoping to hear more news soon, but it’s been suggested that all sites will be bookable with Hilton Honors points. Make no mistake, these are far from bare-bones campsites. Thanks to a deal with Airstream, the sites are packed with custom-built trailers, each utilizing every ounce of space for maximum efficiency while ensuring a tinge of luxury seeps into your outdoor adventures. There’s no better bed to fall back on after a long day in the parks.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui

A view from above of the Conrad Bora Bora in French Polynesia
Photo: Tripadvisor

LocationBora Bora, French Polynesia
Price: 96,000 points, or $1,200+
Vibe: A luxurious piece of the island
The rundown: This isn’t just one of the best hotels in nature you can book on points: it’s one of the best hotels, period. Widely regarded as one of the greatest hotels in Hilton’s impressive portfolio, it represents incredible value for those with a hoard of Honors points to burn. It’s an aspirational property for any points lover with a sensible head on their shoulders.

Its location is perfect. Kissing the far end of the island, its exquisite over-water villas stretch out in a biomorphic curve, gifting the illusion of being part of the landmass itself. When you’re not staring back and forth in awe between the water and the island, you’ll be pampered with some of the best service out there. It’s a special property.

The best Marriott hotels in nature you can book on points

JW Marriott Masai Mara Lodge

A sprawling view of the Masai Mara lodge by JW Marriott
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Maasai Mara Reserve, Kenya
Price: 106,000 points/$1,500 pp
Vibe: Truly wild; truly luxurious
The rundown: We’ve covered the JW Masai Mara Lodge before, but couldn’t not feature it again. This staggeringly impressive property is one of the only hotels in nature you can book on points that’s literally in the middle of a Kenyan nature reserve. A night here is incredibly expensive, often starting at around $1,500 per person without extras. But 106,000 points can get you a night, making it an incredibly high-value resort.

The rates do fluctuate heavily, with some dates reaching as high as 160,000 Bonvoy points, so we’d recommend staying as flexible as possible and booking to match the lowest points rates if you can. Safaris are at the core of any stay here, but the luxury aspect is an exciting nod to the high-end game adventures of the early 20th century. Truly unforgettable. 

Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain

The approach towards the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain in Arizona
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Marana, Arizona
Price: 45,000 points+
Vibe: One with the desert (but with champagne)
The rundown: A Ritz-Carlton in the desert for 45,000 points? Yes, please. The Dove Mountain resort is one of the best hotels in nature you can book on points.

In its own words (or whoever writes its copy), the Ritz “offers a connection to the land and modern desires.” You can read that as, “You know you’re in the middle of the desert whichever way you look, but you’re still going to feel damn luxurious as you do.”

Attentive service and welcoming infrastructure serve as a fallback from the amount of exploring you’ll be doing. With 26 miles of trails nearby, as well as a championship golf course, and a ridiculously big swimming pool complex, you’re going to need it. Being remote has never felt this welcoming. 

The best Hyatt hotels in nature you can book on points

SCHLOSS Roxburghe

The grounds and building of SCHLOSS Roxburghe hotel in the Scottish borders
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Kelso, Scotland, UK
Price: 12-36,000 points, or $180+
Vibe: Scottish tranquility
The rundown: From the deserts of Arizona to the fresh, drizzly wonder of the Scottish borders. SCHLOSS Roxburghe is a new property on the Hyatt portfolio and is causing a stir in the Scottish hotel scene. Set in a stunning estate house in the under-visited Borders region, the hotel is the epitome of a nature escape.

The surrounding woodland acts as a sound barrier, offering utter tranquility on the grounds, whether you’re out on the course, floating around in the heated outdoor pool, or indulging in the world-class spa. Plus, it’s only an hour to Edinburgh, so if the city life is still calling, you’re not far away. The fact you can book this for just 12,000 points is astounding—you might have to search a bit for those rates, though.

Ventana Big Sur, An Alila Hotel

The main building of Ventana Big Sur Hotel in California
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Big Sur, California
Price: 44-90,000 points or $2,000+
Vibe: Lost Boys land of wonder 
The rundown: Ventana Big Sur feels like Peter Pan’s Lost Boys grew up a little and invested in luxury resorts. Playfully designed with nature at the core of the architecture, it resembles a giant treehouse from one side, nestled against the woodlands and mountains of the already iconic area, while the opposite faces the coast. Whichever way you look is heaven.

But that experience typically comes at a hefty price tag. Standard rooms start at $2,000 on a good day, with larger rooms jumping up to $4,000 and beyond. But the unbelievable World of Hyatt program allows some of these suites to be booked for just 44,000 points in off-peak times. That’s staggering value and makes it one of (if not the) best hotels in nature you can book on points. 

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