The 7 best hotels for foodies

These stunning hotels' culinary escapades are worth the trip alone
ergos hotel marketplace in athens

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Traveling is great. Rich history, natural wonders, culture…yadda yadda…It’s all lovely. But you know what truly makes a trip? Amazing food. There’s nothing better than tucking into something spectacular. At a high level, the right restaurant can redefine what food means to you; transforming your tastebuds and refining your palate. At a primal level, it just tastes bloody wonderful.

These hotels for foodies believe good food is so important that it’s worth traveling just to celebrate it, centering guests’ experiences around its culinary delights and in some cases, letting them get hands-on.

If you’re one of those oddities who stick to chicken tenders when you travel, maybe read one of our other pieces. This one is written strictly for food lovers.

These are the best hotels for foodies.

The Essex

Bird's eye view of The Essex, with a group of white buildings
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Essex, Vermont
Price: $175+
Vibe: Hands-on luxury
The rundown: The Essex isn’t just a fabulous hotel. It’s a foodie experience where the guest becomes the chef. The hotel runs culinary classes, from kitchen basics like knife technique workshops all the way to a full four-course menu walkthrough—you get to eat it, obviously.

The property also runs weekend packages that include multiple opportunities to get involved, as well as dining credits for the Essex’s tremendous on-site restaurants.


cutting board with meat on it being held by a server
Photo: Appellation Hotels

Location: Multiple US locations
Price: TBD 
Vibe: Food focused getaway
The rundown: We’re jumping the gun a little with Appellation, as its four locations are yet to open, but being one of the first hotels for foodies in the US that’s completely food-focused, it’d be a shame not to include them.

While details remain a little mysterious, the general idea seems to be a complete tearing down of the borders between hotel and restaurant. In place of a traditional lobby, guests will enter a prep kitchen, while stays can be packed with culinary workshops from cooking classes to knifemaking tutorials. Keep an eye out for these.

Puro Vik

modern hotel with garden in front
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Millahue Valley, Chile
Price: $1,000
Vibe: Wine saturated extravagance
The rundown: This could easily take a place on our booze-based hotels list, but thanks to its food focused agenda, we’ll stick it here instead. Perched in the Chilean mountains, next door to the owner’s vineyard, guests are encouraged to help forage and pick the vegetables and herbs for their own food. It’ll even be prepared outside in full view.

Top the experience off with a few cooking classes, expert wine tastings, and 11,000 acres of Chilean grounds to enjoy, and you’ve got yourself a world-class experience. 

Ergon House

ergos hotel in athens marketplace
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Athens, Greece
Price: $234+
Vibe: The world’s first foodie hotel
The rundown: There’s no arguing this hotel’s place on the list. Ergon House identifies itself as a four-star foodie boutique hotel, focused on celebrating the best of Greek cuisine.

Mimicking ancient agoras (greek central squares), guests can wander through the ground floor marketplace, where butchers, fishmongers, bakeries, and greengrocers ply their wares. It has the unique concept of adding a kitchen where guests can cook their own meals from the produce downstairs. If that sounds like too much work,don’t worry, just head to the excellent bar and restaurant. 

Kristiania Lech Hotel

beautiful hotel restaurant in the austrian alps
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Lech
Price: $687+
Vibe: Gourmet overload
The rundown: It’s hard to explain Kristiania Lech Hotel. It’s far more than just food, but its declaration of have whatever you want wherever you want it, gives it a firm spot on our list.

Highlights of the culinary side of things include picnics in the snow, experimental tasting menus, multiple stunning restaurants, and the mindboggling seven thousand bottles of wine they have in the basement. Oh, and you’re in the Austrian mountains. Doesn’t get much better.

Foxhill Manor

the private cinema dinner at foxhill manor
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Ottershaw, UK
Price: $400+
Vibe: Relaxed, homey luxury (with a brilliant private chef)
The rundown: Foxhill Manor is a delight. It feels more like a home than a hotel, owing mainly to the staff’s relaxed (but not lax) service and the cozy feel of the property itself.

Why is this a foodie stay, though? Because you can eat whatever you want, when you want, wherever you want. Seriously. Guests are encouraged to wander into the kitchen and have a chat with the chef, who will explain the current seasonal produce. You can take his recommendation or ask him to rustle up something specific, then eat it wherever you want. Dinner in the bath? Go for it. Lunch in the private cinema? Easy.

Storfjord Hotel

a beautitful scandinavian styled hotel bedroom in norway
Photo: Tripadvisor

Location: Skodje, Norway
Price: $432
Vibe: Scandi folktale (with a side of foraging)
The rundown: A gloriously sustainable addition to the best hotels for foodies, Storfjord is the ultimate escape from the turbulence of everyday life. Set on a wooded hilltop in the Norweigan Alpine region, guests are isolated, relaxed, and endlessly snug.

The beautiful restaurant serves a new tasting menu every evening, and guests can enjoy day trips to the fisheries and farms that provide hyperlocal produce to the restaurant. It’s harder to get closer to the source.

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