Roll Tide: United makes supporting your team easier
United airlines pilot college football

United Airlines have announced a slew of 120 new flights to make travel plans as easy as possible for college football fans.

The new program, dubbed “Fly United and touch down in time for kick-off,” sees a number of strategically placed routes installed throughout the college football season based on scheduled games. The flights have been planned to give fans enough time to arrive, do some tailgating, and make it to the stadium on time for the first whistle.

Examples of the round-trip routes are flights like Birmingham-Austin on September 10th, allowing Alabama fans to fly to the game for just $158. South Bend, LAX, Detroit, and Baton Rouge are just some of the other big-name college football destinations named in the program.

Fans hoping to grab tickets should move quickly, as supporters are jumping on the tickets. Some of the routes are already well-operated, but others have been added specifically for these marquee matchups. Get the full list of flights here.

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