A flight delayed 3+ hours could mean your money back.
Airport display board of flight canceled flights

The Department of Transport is attempting to bring in legislation forcing airlines to offer refunds to passengers affected by a significant delay or change to their flight.

Although policies are in place to help passengers with this, the new rules clarify the term “significant,” classifying it as a three-hour delay or more for domestic flights and six hours for international flights. If the passenger chooses to travel under these circumstances, they will be entitled to a refund within seven days.

It also designates a change in airport, an increase in connections, and even changes to the type of aircraft used as significant enough to warrant a full refund. It should be noted the change in aircraft must be proven to downgrade the travel experience for the customer.

The proposed rules will be open for comments from the public for the next ninety days. After that period of time, a decision will be made on whether they will be imposed.

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