Helpful tips from Google that you need to know.

Google released 22 of their most helpful tips from 2022, and I’m shocked to say that I never knew any of these. Well, besides price tracking on Google Flights — which may or may not be a requirement to work here…

While the list is full of both genius and painfully obvious tips, travelers will be most interested in Google’s tips for organizing any vacation, big or small, and recharging and reconnecting during the holidays.

Planning better trips with Google

1. Search Google Flights for cheaper airline tickets.

2. Discover hidden gems on your next vacation with Street View – a perfect activity for wanderlusters in between trips. 

3. Screenshot your boarding pass from your Pixel device and add it to Google Wallet for easy access. 

4. Avoid crowds by checking the Popular Times and Live Busyness information on Google Maps. (This is an underrated feature, IMO).

5. Use the Google Home app for Nest Thermostat to adjust the temperature, even when you’re away.

Reconnect and recharge during the holiday season & beyond

6. Get local dining recommendations by saying, “Hey Google, restaurants near me” to an Assistant-enabled device. 

7. Share your Google Photos Memories with others right from Google Photos on Android or iOS.

8. Gather around a virtual Chromecast fireplace (yes, so serious) and get toasty with loved ones. 

9. Cross off your list with the Holiday 100 list of gift ideas and insights based on search trends. 

10. To unwind from holiday chaos, type “breathing exercise” on Search to find Google’s meditation tool.

Find more on the list of tips from Google here to prep for the new year ahead.

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