Airbnb's ethical practices called into question.
Couple arriving at airbnb

As more people turn away from Airbnbs for their skyrocketing rates, people might also start booking elsewhere for ethical purposes.

The short-term rental company landed in the bottom 10 in terms of ethical practices in a study conducted by Ethical Consumer. The UK organization calculated scores by giving companies a starting score of 14 and deducting points for failing to meet standards in categories like reducing environmental impact and tax avoidance schemes. 

Airbnb lost points for not engaging with local communities and for the excessive pay package their CEO receives at $120m.

There were a few companies that made the shortlist for being more ethically conscious. Fairbnb is a booking platform that splits 15% of its commission fees 50/50 with the local community and is available in nine European countries. 

Canopy & Stars is a UK glamping company that has made significant moves to reduce environmental impacts. In 2022 they planted 250,000 trees and they plan to be net zero in emissions by 2030.

See more ’ethical’ alternatives to Airbnb here.

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