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Continue the Christmas spirit long into the New Year
the holiday cottage

Christmas might be over, but you can cling to the season on your next UK trip by staying in the cottage from The Holiday. If you need a reminder, the movie starred Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet and saw the two stars swap transatlantic homes. Diaz’s move to Winslet’s picturesque English cottage turned British country living into a bucket list trip for thousands of fans.

There is a catch, though…it’s not technically the real cottage…but it still kinda is…Confused? Understandable.

In 2006, when the film was in production, a location scout discovered the home, eyeing it as the perfect location for a cliched English Christmas. Producers agreed but deemed it too far from the main set, choosing instead to recreate it brick by brick inside a studio.

The current owners purchased the property with no knowledge of its past as a Hollywood inspiration and only caught on when fans began taking pictures outside their home. After discovering the truth, the couple put the cottage on Airbnb. As they still live in the house, it’s not always available, so if you want the experience, you’ll need to be flexible.

If you don’t feel like making the trip across the Atlantic, you could head to Georgia instead. A private project to build a replica is almost finished. It’s not accepting bookings until they finalize a completion date, but it’s expected to open soon. Check here to keep tabs on the Blue Ridge Mountain property.

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