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Become the first “Retro Beach Motelier”.
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Accommodation aggregator is offering a lucky someone $10 thousand to spend the rest of summer staying in retro motels across the country.

The contest is searching for the first “Retro Beach Motelier” to go analog and enjoy some time in some of the US’ coolest classic motels. The suggested trip will cover every inch of the American coasts and features famous accommodations like the Vagabond Hotel in Miami and the Pearl Hotel in San Diego.

The winner will receive $10 thousand in gift cards to fund their travels, as well as an extra $5 thousand to spend on some old-time snacks and fun. They’ll also be kitted out with a polaroid to document the trip, some retro sunnies, a classic striped umbrella, and an AM/FM radio.

To be in with a chance of winning, applicants need to answer a few simple questions before August 5th.

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